Year 2016
Category Brand Identity
2016 KMUVCD Gradudate Exhibition

Oleo Ergo Sum means I Smell Therefore I Am in Latin. I thought 'scent' or 'fragrance' is a media that represent a person. Each person has their own unique olfactory memories, and reveals his/her taste, tendency and what he/she persue through scents. Scent has such a rich story, but the way it is expressed tends to depend on the sense of a perfumer or a illustrator. The project started with the idea that if the smell could be expressed more systematically and intuitively, and if it could created a flavor that matches the color of its own in the expression system, and shared with others. Oleo Ergo Sum is the combinative olfactory expression system to generate a visual identity.
Oleo Ergo Sum Signature is a set of perfume packages applying Oleo Ergo Sum system. By classifying human personality into four types and proposing a scent suitable for it, it becomes a guide to more easily explore the fragrance that suits you.